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Tournament paintball

Organized paintball competition is nearly as old as the sport itself, starting with regional tournaments held at National Survival Game locations in 1983 and culminating in the National Survival Game National Championship (Won by Canadian team "The Unknown Rebels" from London, Ontario).

Though tournament paintball was originally played in the woods, the rise in popularity of teams such as Team Dynasty (Then known as the IronKids) in the late 1990s saw speedball become the standard competitive format. The small size of speedball fields brings several advantages to competitive play. The artificial nature of bunkers allows each side of the field to be set up as a mirror image of the other, ensuring that neither team possesses a terrain advantage (as can be the case on woodsball fields). The flat, vegetation-free playing surface makes it easier for officials to see players and make the correct call and, coupled with the small field size, allows spectators to view the entire game at once or be televised. There are many type of tournament rules and regulations for speedball, ranging from the number of players (7 vs. 7, 5 vs. 5, etc.) to time limits. A popular girls team called Team Destiny may help get many females interested in tournament style paintball.

Due to the largely artificial nature of speedball, camouflage is of little strategic use. Clothing with camouflage patterns, common in wooded play, has been largely replaced in tournament play by distinctively colored team uniforms similar to those found in other competitive team sports.

Military Paintball Guns

Some scenario paintball players crave military-styled paintball guns. These are markers used for scenario paintball games, tactical missions, and sniping.
I’ve noticed that many military paintball guns are made by a company called Real Action Paintball, so I researched Real Action Paintball today, and in particular, its popular RAP4 paintball marker.
Without realizing it, I had discussed Real Action Paintball products on Paintball Guns before (Heavy Duty Paintball Gun and Tippmann HK MP5).
Real Action Paintball has some great paintball gun models, especially for scenario paintball players.
RAP4 Marker

Real Action Paintball’s signature marker is the RAP4, which is identical to the legendary M4 rifle used by SWAT Teams and the U.S. Military.

The RAP4 uses .40 or .43 caliber paintballs encased in metal or plastic shells. The RAP4 automatically ejects the shells similar to a real M4 rifle.

The RAP4 can be fired 50 times without using more than 0.4 oz of CO2, which means it not only looks real, but you can shoot without having to reload CO2 all the time, which would reduce the realistic experience.

Here are a few of the RAP4’s features:

* Adjustable for semi or fully automatic fire
* Shell casing ejected after each shot
* Clip-fed 20 round magazine.
* Low, consistent pressure operation
* Flash-hider type muzzle break
* Low gas consumption
* Can be fully submerged in water without harm.
* Velocity 250 to 450 fps (adjustable)
* Simple to operate & easy to maintain

Needless to say, I am impressed by the RAP4 marker.